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In response to the urgency of the climate and biodiversity crises, an innovative engagement program at ULiège to support the desire to become an informed consumer

This program responds to a strong demand from our community to act in our daily habits to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and protect biodiversity. Indeed, our surveys reveal that in order to be a responsible actor, students need relevant knowledge, easy, enjoyable and impactful actions, to be united in an enthusiastic community that acts and multiplies the positive impact.

The modes of commitment proposed in this program are: consom'action (responsible consumption limiting the negative impacts on the planet and human beings), projects on campus and solidarity actions (activities in favor of local associations).

The philosophy behind this program is described on this page. In summary, a growing community of consumer actors is creating a new culture of sustainability. This gives a strong signal to companies and politicians who can amplify the movement with new ambitious and courageous measures 

This program is based on 6 pillars

  1. awareness to raise understanding of the challenges of sustainable development, the objectives of the 2030 World Agenda and the components of our carbon footprint (conferences, workshops and training);
  2. integration to mobilize student leadership at the heart of the project;
  3. imagination to dream our sustainable territory and arouse the desire to take part in its construction
  4. action with proposals for challenges, adapted to the lifestyle of our community, in favor of the climate and biodiversity, proposed on a online collaborative platform that brings our community together;
  5. communication to mobilize a large student community on each campus.
  6. hope is at the heart of the program because it is a positive and inspiring energy that is amplified by action that brings change
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The program is solid, agile and creative. It is built on scientific foundations (expert advice) and evolves in a process of continuous improvement (notably through surveys).

It integrates in its construction and implementation a whole series of stakeholders at the University (actors of sustainable development, teachers, PhD students, experts, students and Eclosio, the NGO of ULiège) and outside (Theatre of Liège, local associations, city of Liège, NGOs...). If you wish to participate in the implementation of the program, do not hesitate to contact the Green Office.

It works for the common good and its impact is multiplied through wider sharing. This willingness to share is reflected in the replication project that has started in higher education institutions in FWB.

The objectives of the program at ULiège are ambitious: that our entire community, students and staff, be committed by 2030 to reducing its carbon impact and protecting biodiversity

This innovative program has received a lot of support at the national (ARES, King Baudouin Foundation) and international (UN and ISCN competition) levels.


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updated on 7/10/23

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