Since the Green Office's creation in January 2020, the many awards and supports received for its innovative commitment program are creating a positive spiral!

A positive spiral 

Calls for projects and competitions place the team's work in a dynamic of excellence with the need for efficiency: in a short period of time, give the best, go to the essential, rely on the advice of experts, ..

Moreover, they push the team to produce quality materials, both in terms of content and form (videos, illustrations, summaries, etc.), which can then be reused to communicate about the project.

A scope that extends beyond Liège

Expert recognition of the project's relevance and positive impact increases theenergy and confidence of the team and stakeholders (internal and external). This associated visibility opens the possibility of building new partnerships. By pooling resources, these partnerships increase human and financial resources.

Growing impacts

The collective energy federates more and more actors around the program, particularly through its replication. The positive impacts are multiplied, which strengthens the determination of all the program's actors.

They trust and support this pioneering program

  • The Sustainable Development Commission of the Academy of Research and Higher Education (CDD ARES) in the context of the Sustainable Campus 2019 and 2020 calls for projects 

    The first support took the form of the creation of , the Amphidurables platform on which major conferences for Belgian higher education are shared.

    The second support allowed to launch the engagement program with the realization of an online vote for the whole ULiège community, followed by a hackathon, 10 first challenges to reduce the environmental footprint and 5 Sustainable Campus projects.
  • The King Baudouin Foundation (KBF) as part of its 2021 Climate Commitment call and in 2022 for the replication component of the commitment program

    The first funding obtained has enabled us to boost the commitment program with the creation of 20 challenges to reduce the carbon footprint students, with the support of an expert and the collective intelligence of students 

    The second funding is dedicated to extend the replication project in higher education institutions beyond the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.
  • The United Nations Organization (UNO) as part of the "Challenge Campus 2030" competition, 2021 edition, at the end of which the Green Office received the "coup de coeur" prize from theAgence Universitaire de la Francophonie

    In preparation for this competition, the coaching offered by the organizers helped strengthen the program's strategy around its 4 pillars. The prize obtained gave access to a second coaching which is at the origin of the idea of sharing the program via a toolbox and a shared platform. This sharing was directly implemented in the fall of 2022 via the creation of a consortium of partners around two twin challenges.
  • The Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (FEB) and the association Time4Society for the Sustainable Pioneer 2022 award, French-speaking category
  • The International Sustainable Campus Network (ISCN) with the award of excellence in the category of culture change for sustainability

    This award has increased the visibility of the program to members of this English-speaking network of universities committed to sustainable development. Discover in 3 min the video presentation of the program created for the award ceremony.
  • The Walloon Region for the replication component of the commitment program

    The resources granted jointly by ULiège and the Walloon Region allow the deployment of the replication project.  

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