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Are you a student at ULiège?

Are you concerned about the future of our planet and the challenges of sustainable development?

Would you like to get involved in a project to make your university more sustainable?

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Training in sustainable development

Unique and transversal, this new training aims to make students aware of one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century.

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Ateliers du Green Office

Atelier MyCO2 : calcul de l'empreinte carbone

Participez à un atelier participatif de 1h30 pour comprendre votre empreinte carbone et les façons de la réduire progressivement !

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Presentation of the Green Office challenge programme

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Do you have suggestions or project ideas for improving sustainability at the university?

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Coordinator: Cécile Van de Weerdt -

The structure of the Green Office and its partners
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