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Are you a member of the ULiège community?

Are you concerned about the future of our planet and the challenges of sustainable development?

Would you like to get involved in a project to make your university more sustainable?

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My sustainable week !

From March 24 to 31, participate in My Sustainable Week activities!

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Would you like to get involved in ULiège's Social and Environmental Transition? Attend the Green Office information session on September 25 at B4 or by videoconference.

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An innovative commitment program in 6 pillars

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Climate and Biodiversity Engagement Program

The Green Office is developing an innovative program to mobilize the entire ULiège community in favor of sustainable development! Moreover, this program is widely shared with other higher education institutions!
Detailed presentation of the program


To raise understanding of the challenges of sustainable development, the objectives of the 2030 World Agenda and the components of our carbon footprint!

Details of the awareness pillar


Via proposals for challenges, adapted to the lifestyle of our community, in favour of the climate and biodiversity, proposed on a online collaborative platform that brings our community together!

Details of the action pillar


To mobilize our community at the heart of the projects

Details of the integration pillar


To dream up our sustainable territory and inspire people to take part in its construction!

Details of the imagination pillar


Mobilize a broad community on our campuses!

Details of the communication pillar


Hope is at the heart of the program because it is a positive and inspiring energy that is reinforced by action that brings about change!

Hope Pillar Details

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Coordinator: Cécile Van de Weerdt - greenoffice@uliege.be

The structure of the Green Office and its partners
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