Objective of the project

The Welcome pack sustainable project is one of the five Sustainable Campus projects of the ULiège Green Office. It aims to raise students' awareness of the impacts of our consumption on our ecological footprint and to support them in their desire to adopt sustainable consumption solutions.


If we continue to consume as we do today, it will not be sustainable in the long term. Indeed, humanity consumes the equivalent of 1.75 planets, which means that we are depleting resources that will not be renewable and in 2050, it will take the equivalent of 3 planets to maintain the current lifestyle.

Proposed solution

The ULiège Green Office will produce and distribute a pack including sustainable products and also a booklet of "tips and tricks" to help students change their way of consuming, by taking simple and useful actions for the planet in the 4 main areas of consumption: food, mobility, housing and shopping.


Green office

Welcome pack durable 2022  

During the welcome day for new students, the Green Office will be present to distribute its ecopack to new students, the result of the work of its 2021-2022 team!

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Le Welcome pack durable du Green Office  

Green Office students distribute a sustainable Welcome pack to new ULiège 2021-2022 students

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Our experts consulted

Cécile Delcourt (HEC Faculty)

Contribution to the Global Agenda 2030

This project is in line with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations Global Agenda 2030, including the 12th goal "Sustainable Consumption and Production".

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