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Faced with the urgent challenges of the early 21st century, UNI for Change is a dynamic that starts on campus and aims to massively rally communities around positive-impact actions for social and environmental transition.

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Mass mobilization through concrete actions and multiple partnerships

UNI for Change mobilizes large numbers of communities in Belgium and elsewhere in the world through the sharing of synthetic awareness-raising tools and the rapid organization of twinned concrete actions on our various campuses. Initiated by the Green Office of the University of Liège (Belgium), UNI for Change today brings together a diverse consortium of committed partners!

A strategy to support widespread mobilization

To bring communities together and get them moving, UNI for Change relies on a 6-pillar strategy.

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The 6 pillars of the UNI for Change dynamic

  1. Twinning: events and activities offered at the same time in different locations to increase impact and generate excitement.
  2. A platform to bring together committed communities and measure the impact of their actions.
  3. A toolbox: to share turnkey content for the rapid organization of events and activities, as well as instruction sheets. The contents of the toolbox are co-constructed by all partners.
  4. Belgian and international networks for wider dissemination of UNI for Change.
  5. Opportunities for resources and visibility through participation in calls for projects, competitions and conferences in Belgium and abroad.
  6. Local or internationalevents that put social and environmental transition at the heart of public debate (e.g. COP, World Climate Day, etc.) used as a focal point for program activities.

Discover the UNI for Change website

"Understand to act" campaign

Participate in symbolic activities during COP 28  

Let's mobilize around two symbolic international actions in favor of the climate! A campaign to display IPCC summaries and an activity to estimate your carbon footprint!

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Twin activities for climate during COP 28  

This autumn 2023, UNI for Change campus members are mobilizing around twin climate activities during COP 28.

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UNI for Change

Les premiers partenaires UNI for Change  

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