Actions to reduce my carbon footprint

As a student, you may not know how to implement the reduction of your carbon footprint. It is not easy to decide how to start, chose between the transport, the food or the digital consumption…

What about having a look at the main contribution to this student carbon footprint? This would help identifying the most significant contributors... a bit like targeting high carb and fat food when you start a low-calories diet for your summer body.

Step 1

What contributes to my personnal student carbon foorprint?

The individual carbon footprint is around 16 tons eqCO2. Among this, around 4-5 tons are linked to the water consumption and public services, which means the schools and colleges, health care, etc… Good news: our University puts strong efforts towards a global reduction of this specific contribution to your carbon footprint.

Now, let’s have alook at the remaining 11 tons, on which you can exert a influence by yourself.

We have commited and expert to model the average footprint of a student at ULiege. Those 11 tons are constituted by (model: Th. Wansart, Neo-Solutions):

  • 0,6t for your accomodation (the building)
  • 1,9t for heating and electricity
  • 2,0t for your daily transportation
  • 2,0t for unusual transportation (ex: one trip/year by plane)
  • 2,9t for your food
  • 1,9t for your shopping and goods: clothing, numerical equipments (computer, smartphone...)

Calculate your ecological footprint 

By making the right choices on a daily basis, you can significantly reduce your carbon footprint and, therefore, your impact on the climate change.

Heating, food and transportation are the main contributors to your emissions.

In order to fulfill the climate commitments, the objective is to cut down by 50% our emissions by 2030. It’s challenging! The safest road to success is to go step by step, reducing by 5-10% every year. Once a new habit is implemented, you look for the next one... step by step.

Now it is your turn to cut one ton of carbon at a time! How to play? In the following, you will find some tips to halve your personnal carbon footprint, by progressively implementing all those new habits.

Discover all the challenges to reduce your footprint!  

Step 2

What can I do to reduce each contributor?

My accomodation My transportation My food My consumer goods

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