Action Research in the Green Office: internships and graduation projects

Why action research at the Green Office

The Green Office welcomes and supports students from all faculties in their internships and dissertations.

These studies constitute background work that supports the projects carried out by the student employees and volunteers in the Green Office team. The supervision of these students' work by the university's scientific and academic experts is a real added value for the quality of the research carried out for the Green Office.

Internships and graduation projects

Internships in 2019-2020

Two internships were carried out the year the Green Office was created. Among other things, they allowed us to better understand the dynamics of creating a Green Office and to discover the expectations of ULiège students towards the Green Office.

  • "What are the steps in the process of creating a Green Office?"

Project-thesis presented by Sabrina WITTE in view of obtaining a Master's degree in management sciences specialising in the management of social and sustainable enterprises.

Promoter: Prof. Virginie Xhauflair

  • Survey on Sustainable Development among ULiège students

Internship carried out by Coline GEURY Coline, Master 2 in Management Sciences, specialising in "International Strategic Marketing

Promoter: Prof. Cécile Delcourt

If you wish to consult the reports, please contact the Green Office.

Internships in progress in 2021

  • "Definition of a marketing strategy for the carbon footprint reduction challenge programme"

Thesis project carried out by Emeline BAERT with a view to obtaining a Master's degree in Management Sciences specialising in the Management of Social and Sustainable Enterprises.

Promoter: Prof. Benjamin Huybrechts (HEC)

  • "What are the motivations of the student employees who work in the ULiège Green Office?"

End of study work carried out by Alexandra PAHAUT in order to obtain a Master's degree in Labour Sciences.

Promoter: Prof. Didier Vrancken (Faculté de Sciences Sociales)

If you would like information on current internships, please contact the Green Office.

Would you like to do an intership or your diploma work at the Green Office?
We have study proposals for students in our 11 faculties. If you would like to find out about them and discuss them with the coordination team, contact the Green Office!

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